Author: David Wommack

Every woman (or girl) has a secret fear: THE FEAR THAT SHE WILL BE VICIOUSLY ATTACKED OR SEXUALLY HARASSED. It’s a recurring nightmare. This book simplifies REAL SELF-DEFENSE FOR WOMEN! Our guide is simple and straightforward. Not complicated. It can be learned—mentally & physically—and practiced at home or the gym. We teach you the techniques, in words and photographs. Clearly. Concisely. We discard many techniques that might be OK for trained karate or other martial arts experts, but are useless to you—and may even put you in more danger. Variations of these techniques have been taught to thousands of his students by the co-author, Keiko Arroyo. They can and should be part of every woman’s training. The world is getting more and more dangerous. Be prepared!

Sixty-six year's young, David R. Wommack's professional career has spanned 7 realms--public and private accounting; sales & marketing of computer systems, software, & multimedia; chef & restaurateur; financial consulting; an artist of expressionist portraits and figures; and now an author. He has lived in the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines -- and traveled to all the world's continents except Antarctica. Along the way he married, and he and his wife of 32 years adopted and raised a daughter. Mr. Wommack usually writes in a pithy, staccato style that grabs and resonates in the mind. His style is delightfully succinct, humorous and without the trappings of literary pomposity. Mr. Wommack's writing interests span many areas: Life Lessons Learned, Parenting, Self-Defense for women, Leadership and Vocabulary building. His co-author, Keiko Arroyo, has been a valued collaborator on this book, bringing his immense knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work on the streets. He has 28 years in self-defense, street combat and firearms training. After his six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Keiko realized, through personal experience, that traditional martial arts were seriously inadequate to counter “street violence.” He and his company, Absolute Tactical Training (started in 2001) have trained over 8,000 students in anti-terrorism force protection, high threat force protection, self-defense, and street combat

Paperback: 180 pages
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