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Author: Dr. German Garcia-fresco

Number Of Pages: 302

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Release Date: 21-11-2018

Details: "It basically teaches you the basis of having a healthy brain so you can make the right decisions in life."
--Roberto Nuñez, Amazon Customer 

"This doctor is definitely on a track towards something really impactful and with all the research he's done, it really opened my mind to lots of new principles and ideas"
--Alejandro Diaz, Amazon Customer 

"I was very impressed by this book and learned a lot of things! Loved it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to be happier and to achieve success.
--Maria, Amazon Customer 

How Can You Train Your Brain to Learn Faster, Be More Productive, and Achieve More Success and Overall Happiness in Your Life?

In this breakthrough book, Dr. German Garcia-Fresco, director of the Adaptive Neuroscience Research Institute, unveils a simple path to improve learning, success, and overall happiness by taking into account "brain health". 

Have you every felt stressed or distracted from your goals because you feel like you can't concentrate on your work?

Do you feel anxiety because you haven't achieved what you would like in your career, business, or in your life?

Other books and online games claim that they provide practices to "train your brain" or habits and strategies that lead to improved memory, and what learning experts use to "remember at will".

However, the human brain is like a house. You can have a strong foundation, or no foundation at all. You won't know how important the foundation for the house is until the wind starts blowing.

Dr. German Garcia-Fresco says the brain is like this as well, were the foundation to improve memory, learning, and achieving the "Three Pillars Of Life" - health, relationships, and wealth, is a healthy brain.

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