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Author: R. Louis West

The ancient peoples of Aynoo, Kahmee, and Jeeuh of the Shai Galaxy thought the war was over. They thought unification meant the end of their bitter struggles. They had no way of knowing it was just the beginning.

The infinite energy source that brought them out of war is now used for everything. It powers their technology, and their lives have become entirely dependent on it.

When it fails, everyone is thrown into disarray. Then, at the height of panic, an ultimatum from the creator of the energy source arrives: if his family is not given absolute power, he’ll never fix this problem.

Told in alternating journal entries, Growing within the Night chronicles the history of these three worlds through seven different perspectives.

Follow along as these newly unified worlds once again come under threat from a power-hungry group, and the heroes who struggle to not only survive but become their best, true selves.

First-time author R Louis West has always been fascinated by the origins of life, global religions, and philosophy.

He has spent a lifetime researching these topics, both independently and through traditional education.

Those areas of intellectual pursuit factor heavily in his debut novel, Growing within the Night.


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