Author: Jerome R Strayve Jr.

Format: Large Print

Number Of Pages: 415

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 19-03-2019

Details: In a story that parallels today’s political and social unrest, there are no taboo subjects. Readers will follow the sexual and political evolution of a gay activist and his husband’s quest for the White House. Washington shenanigans, rabid politicians, relentless media, social change and the remedy for today’s non-functioning legislature are fair game. In Chapter 1, Marine Corps fighter pilot Lt. Ricardo “Rocky” Chambers receives the Medal of Honor in the White House East Room. Rocky is the man most men would like to be and the epitome of what many women want. But things are not always as they appear. A searing scene between Rocky and the president, rife with sexual tension, shows readers immediately there is no looking away from this dynamic character.Flashback to Rocky’s high school years, idyllic until a forbidden love and its tragic loss take his life down a painful road. Through sexual discoveries, sports and military success, corporate maneuverings, political intrigue and, ultimately, love, Rocky learns his heroism and prowess do not clear a path for happily-ever-after. Adversaries are lying in wait, ready to destroy what they covet and hate.Startling, surprising and dramatic scenes, blended with characters one really cares about, make this debut novel a must read.Everett Hale: Perfectly timed for the 2020 election! The author grabs hold of today’s politics, social issues, and diversity. Hugely poignant and entertaining. Strayve weaves chapter after chapter into a page-turning web of action, reality, suspense, and reason. There’d better be a sequel! Elena Bazhenova: Gender neutrality in the White House! Finally! I hated and loved the characters so artfully crafted. It was easy to embrace humanity, strengths, and frailties rampant in all the characters. There are heroes and villains with shocking agendas all their own. Rocky, my favorite, is full of surprises and a guy I would so like to meet. Does this kind of guy really exist? Somewhere? Michael Norton: Polit

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Languages: English