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  • Best Nootropic Supplements for Introverted Leaders
  • Enneagram Neuroscience Supplements Avoid Adverse Reactions
  • Choline, Mood Enhancement, Brain Boost Supplements
  • Antioxidant, Anxiety, Depression Supplements
  • Created for and Safe for Introverted Leader Types
  • Limitless Pill, Piracetam or Noopept Alternative
  • Proceeds Benefit Veterans and their Families

Best Nootropic Supplements for Introverted Leaders. Maintaining your “leader’s edge” requires energy, focus, mental clarity, and unfailing memory. You can’t afford to risk below-par performance, peer or subordinate disapproval, or your career. NEURO86™ supplements should be taken with LEADER86™ and are designed to help maintain proper neurotransmitter balance for peak performance.

The NEURO86 PROFILE INTROVERT formula is recommended ONLY for INTROVERTED Profile Types 1-I, 2-I, 3-I, 4-I, 5-I, 6-I, 7-I, 8-I, 9-I.  CLICK HERE to determine your profile type.

Enneagram Supplements Avoid Adverse Reactions. The ancient Enneagram describes nine distinct personality profiles. Today, neuroscientists have all but validated that our personalities are influenced by three neurotransmitters that are “high, medium, or low.” This translates into nine distinct profile types, similar to the Enneagram. An ingredient that's right for one profile (such as L-Theanine or L-Tyrosine) may actually be detrimental for another. That’s why many other “one-size-fits-all” formulas have almost 50% negative reviews, often due to adverse side effects. Designed to work with the LEADER86 PRIMER FORMULA, NEURO86 PROFILE supplements are the only safe nootropic formulas personalized for specific neurotransmitter balances based on Enneagram and neuroscientific personality profiles.

Neuroscience Weight Loss, Choline, Brain Boost. Scientifically formulated in a GMP certified facility, NEURO86 INTROVERT FORMULA offers high-quality natural ingredients that studies show can Boost Brain Power AND help support Choline Production, Weight Loss, and Keto Diets while relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. The 60 capsules are caffeine free and include Phosphatidylcholine and Vitamin E Oil.

NZT-48 Limitless Pill?  In the film Limitless, the star takes a smart pill called NZT-48 and becomes a cerebral Superman. Based on a decade of research by leading neuroscientists—published in the award-winning book THE 7 SECRETS OF NEURON LEADERSHIPNEURO86 and LEADER86 supplements may be excellent smart pill alternatives to Gabapentin, Zoloft, Piracetam or Noopept.

100% MBG From a Veteran-Owned Business. We donate a portion of our proceeds to an award-winning non-profit that helps veterans and their families. Our neuroscientific formulas are based on a decade of research, but if you’re not happy with the results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you contact us within 30 days of purchase.

Studies show that when your neurotransmitters are out of balance, your mood, energy levels, diet, brain functions, and personal and professional relationships can suffer, sometimes dramatically. NEURO86 is the only all-natural supplement line that's designed to align with and optimize neurotransmitter balances. Combined with the LEADER86 PRIMER, each NEURO86 PROFILE formula can help support proper neurotransmitter balance to help maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle while improving personal and professional relationships.

Other nootropic supplements do not consider the differences between introverts and extroverts. Studies show that extroverts are less sensitive to certain brain chemicals, so they need a larger amount to feel good. The more they interact with others, which helps recharge their batteries, the more chemicals they need and feel. Extroverts also are not affected much by other specific chemicals when released by the brain. Introverts are more sensitive to these chemicals so an overdose can make them feel overstimulated, anxious, or nervous. They also feel better when their brains release a sufficient amount of other chemicals related to introversion. Certain ingredients found in other supplements assume that everyone is the same, when we all know this is not true. NEURO86 PROFILE supplements are the only formulas that consider whether you are an introvert or an extrovert and provide ingredients formulated to help optimize your performance and mood based on your profile.

NEURO86 PROFILE supplements should be taken with LEADER86 supplements and may support:

  • Choline, Brain Boost, Mood Enhancement
  • Weight Loss, Metabolism, Keto Diets
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Introvert Acetylcholine Productions


PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE can improve communication between nerves by increasing choline and acetylcholine levels in the brain. Studies show that introverts rely more on the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, which may improve the ability to think deeply, reflect, and focus. Studies on (NIH) say "phosphatidylcholine is a precursor of choline for acetylcholine synthesis" and "can be used as a safe and effective supplement for improving the neurological health of normal individuals and that they might also be beneficial in preventing cognitive and motor disorders later in life."

VITAMIN-E OIL is a nutrient that's important for vision, reproduction, and healthy skin, blood, and brain functions. It has antioxidant properties that may protect cells against free radicals.

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