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  • Best nootropic neuroscientific supplements for leaders
  • Designed to maintain proper neurotransmitter balance
  • Anti-aging brain boost formula
  • Energy, weight loss, antioxidant ingredients
  • Created for Enneagram Emotional Triad types
  • Excellent alternative to piracetam or noopept
  • Proceeds benefit veterans and their families

Based on a decade of research by leading nutritionists and neuroscientists—published in the award-winning book THE 7 SECRETS OF NEURON LEADERSHIP by a New York Times bestselling author—the NEURO86™ PROFILE FORMULA for ENNEAGRAM EMOTIONAL TRIAD TYPES is far more than just a supplement. The ancient Enneagram describes nine distinct personality profiles. Today, neuroscientists have all but validated that our personalities are influenced by three neurotransmitters that are “high, medium, or low.” This translates into nine distinct profile types. An ingredient that's right for one profile (such as L-Tyrosine) may actually be detrimental for another. Other formulas are “one-size-fits-all” and many have over 35% 1 & 2-star reviews on Amazon, often due to adverse side effects. Designed to work with the LEADER86 PRIMER FORMULA, NEURO86 PROFILE supplements are the only nootropic formulas personalized for specific neurotransmitter balances based on Enneagram and neuroscientific personality profiles.

The NEURO86 PROFILE EMOTIONAL TRIAD formula is recommended ONLY for Profile Types 2-I, 2-E, 3-I, 3-E, 4-I, 4-E.

Visit to determine your profile.

    Gain and maintain your leader’s edge with the NEURO86 PROFILE FORMULA for EMOTIONAL TRIAD TYPES. NEURO86 is the only neuroscience-formulated supplement line created to help leaders stay ahead on the field, at home, or in the office. NEURO86 is designed to be taken with LEADER86 PRIMER supplements—a nootropic formulated to enhance Focus, Clarity & Memory.

    Studies show that when your neurotransmitters are out of balance, your mood, energy levels, diet, brain functions, and personal and professional relationships can suffer, sometimes dramatically. NEURO86 is the only all-natural supplement line that's designed to align with and optimize neurotransmitter balances. Combined with the LEADER86 PRIMER, each NEURO86 PROFILE formula can help support proper neurotransmitter balance to help maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle while improving personal and professional relationships.


    ALA is a naturally occurring compound made by our bodies. It serves vital functions at the cellular level, such as energy production and weight control. ALA can convert glucose (blood sugar) into energy and is also an antioxidant that may neutralize potentially harmful free radicals. ALA functions in water and fat, unlike more common antioxidants, and appears to recycle antioxidants such as vitamin C and glutathione. ALA may improve blood sugar control, however, those taking diabetes medications, such as metformin or glyburide, should only use ALA under the supervision of a qualified health professional. It should never be used as an alternative form of diabetes treatment. ALA can cross the blood-brain barrier, a wall of tiny vessels and structural cells, and pass easily into the brain, and is believed to protect brain and nerve tissue by preventing free radical damage.

    ALC is an amino acid naturally produced in the body to generate energy. ALA may help enhance mitochondrial function cognition and burn fat while creating more energy — especially for muscles and the brain. Combined with ALA, ALC can function as an anti-aging nootropic to boost brain function. The acetyl group can pass through blood-brain barriers and potentially improve mood, learning, and memory. ALC can burn fat and builds muscle moving fuel (in the form of fatty acids) to muscle mitochondria to enhance energy production and endurance.


    NEUROSCIENCE-FORMULATED: NEURO86 PROFILE supplements are the only nootropics based on neuroscientific research by leading nutritionists and neuroscientists that are formulated to ensure proper neurotransmitter balances to boost brain functions, metabolism, mood, and more. Combined with the LEADER86 PRIMER and proper diet and exercise, NEURO86 can help you maintain your “leaders edge” on the field, at home, or in the office.

    ANTIOXIDANT WEIGHT LOSS: The NEURO86 EMOTIONAL TRIAD Profile Formula combines ALA and ALC to help provide antioxidants that can reduce free radicals while improving metabolism to reduce weight. This unique formula is designed to burn fat and build muscle by moving fuel (in the form of fatty acids) to muscle mitochondria to enhance energy production and endurance. This can provide excellent benefits for Neuroscience Enneagram Emotional "Heart" Triad Types.

    ANTI-AGING NOOTROPIC BRAIN BOOST: Combining the right amounts of ALA and ALC can act as an anti-aging nootropic to boost brain functions. This acetyl group formula is designed to pass through blood-brain barriers and potentially improve mood, learning, and memory.

    PROFILE-SPECIFIC NEUROTRANSMITTER BALANCE: NEURO86 PROFILE supplements are formulated to ensure proper neurotransmitter balance to boost your brain, enhance your mood, and energize your metabolism and life. This formula is recommended ONLY for Profile Types 2-I, 2-E, 3-I, 3-E, 4-I, 4-E. Visit to determine your profile.

    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FROM A TRUSTED VETERAN-OWNED BUSINESS: We're a veteran-owned business and donate a portion of our proceeds to a 100% volunteer award-winning non-profit that helps veterans and their families. Our neuroscientific formulas are based on a decade of research, but if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

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