August 9, 2017, San Diego, CA –Veterans Publishing, Inc. (VPI) announces participation in the San Diego Festival of Books on August 26, 2017 at Liberty Station, San Diego, CA featuring #1 New York Times bestselling authors Grant Blackwood and James Rollins signing books in the booth. VPI is dedicated to helping veterans and their families publish or sell books and artisan creations via www.veterans.pub. VPI is a subsidiary of the Us4Warriors Foundation—honored as San Diego County’s Veterans Non-Profit of the Year for 2016. VPI board members include W. Craig Reed (New York Times bestselling author and submarine veteran), Grant Blackwood (#1 New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler novels and Navy veteran), James Rollins (#1 New York Times bestselling author), Bob Mayer (New York Times bestselling author and Army veteran), Don Metzger (C-level business executive), Jeff Jones (senior marketing executive and retired Navy SEAL), and Ken Greenawald (Us4Warriors board member and submarine veteran).

“Veterans Publishing is much like a small Amazon.com that offers books and products created exclusively by veterans and their families,” said W. (Bill) Craig Reed, CEO of VPI. “We are honored to have Grant Blackwood and James Rollins on our Board of Directors, and also have them sign books in our booth at the San Diego Festival of Books.”


A majority of the profits generated by VPI will help fund the Us4Warriors Foundation (www.us4warriors.org)  in similar fashion to how the Firefox web browser helps fund the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. To provide the needed funding to ensure VPI can fulfill its mission, a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo’s Generosity site will go live on August 19, 2017. Along with dozens of unique offerings, the crowdfunding campaign will feature a new book from author W. Craig Reed titled The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership (published by Wiley & Sons) to encourage crowdfunding pledges. The book features a Foreword by Gordon England, former Deputy Secretary of Defense and interviews with a former NASA head, Secretary of the Navy, San Diego Girls Scouts CEO, 3-star Generals, Navy SEAL officers, CEOs, and several world leaders.

“As a veteran and author, I’m honored to serve on the board of Veterans Publishing,” said Grant Blackwood, #1 New York Times bestselling author and U.S. Navy veteran. “Many of my fellow veterans have difficulty making ends meet. They offer unique perspectives and creativity and VPI is dedicated to giving them help and hope.”


The VPI website is now live at www.veterans.pub where anyone can browse for interesting books, artisan creations, and services offered exclusively by veterans and their families. For example, veterans Will C. and Erik Knowles are world-renowned comedians and television actors who offer discounted engagements on the site. Details about the Generosity crowdfunding campaign can be found on this site.


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