$199.00 $499.00

This Live Web Certification Course offers...

  • A 90-minute interactive Challenge Framework Marketing Certification Course
  • Neuron Messaging for 351% higher LinkedIn Connect & InMail response
  • R-Complex Motivators for compelling social content
  • Neuron Images to transform websites
  • Challenge Framework Profiling & Templates to qualify & nurture leads & increase conversion rates by 294%
  • The Neuron 3-Act Play for sales enablement & messaging
  • Neuron Concepts & Contrasts in presentations
  • Using Mirror Neurons & Neuron 3-Act Play to engage & motivate
  • Raising oxytocin & dopamine to instill trust & brand loyalty
  • Leveraging Aristotle's Persuasion Model to persuade customers & shorten sales cycles by 24%
  • Certificate of Course Completion for Challenge Framework Marketing Mastery
  • Signed copy of The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership ($28 value)
  • Free 30-day subscription to the Challenge Framework system
  • Neuron Time & Task Manager App
  • Neuron Decision Matrix
  • One course donated to our troops in your name
  • Proceeds benefit veterans & their families
  • 100% money-back guarantee

"Their approach is unique from your run-of-the-mill consulting firm. Their use of neuroscience messaging, engagement surveys and social selling and profiling has made a huge impact. There wasn’t a learning curve when we originally began working with them a number of years ago because [the] team knows and understands the technology and all of the key partners we work with."
--Lisa Dreher, VP Marketing, Logicalis

"[Their] team was outstanding. They engaged with, trained and helped motivate dozens of our leading channel partners, executed several large social selling and lead nurturing programs to perfection, and leveraged cutting-edge neuroscience to dramatically improve lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase our closing percentages."
--Walter Leverett, Director of Sales, HP